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Air Shower

Air Shower

Using high-speed air jets and HEPA or ULPA air filtration systems, our cleanroom Air Shower increases throughput by removing loose contaminants before people and products enter the cleanroom, reducing or eliminating product defects.

Air Shower

Cleanrooms air shower must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines to prevent contamination. Coveralls and other protective equipment are used to prevent outside contaminants from entering the cleanroom, but this is not always sufficient. Contaminants are easily transported by people and objects, and simple specifications for lint or debris can cause problems in some cleanroom environments. As a result, cleanroom Air Shower has become an important part of maintaining the cleanliness of cleanrooms and other clean critical environments.

Benefits of the Self-Cleaning Air Shower

Air Shower represent a small fraction of the overall cleanroom cost, but they can save you thousands of dollars by preventing contamination that could compromise the quality or utility of your products and equipment.


In addition, modular cleanroom Air Shower reduces the need for cleanroom maintenance because contamination loads will be lower. Your cleanroom's HEPA and ULPA filters will last longer and reduce overall energy costs. Cleanroom Air Shower also improves efficiency by limiting particle buildup. This increases the efficiency of HEPA filters by reducing the pressure on them.


Air Shower provides the cost effective contamination control technology your application needs to improve product quality.

Air Shower systems are used in a variety of applications

Air showers installed as cleanroom entry systems reduce contamination as people enter clean production spaces. A worker walks through the entrance door, which closes, and a stream of high-speed HEPA-filtered air blows onto the worker from numerous, precisely placed adjustable nozzles. This high velocity air creates a slapping effect on the worker's clothing so that contaminants can be removed from their cleanroom clothing.


At the end of the cycle, the exit door unlocks and the worker leaves the Air Shower to enter the cleanroom. Typical cycle time is ten seconds. Adjustable microprocessors allow for easy "on-the-fly" adjustment of cycle times and other key process controls.


Cleanroom Air Shower can also be used to remove particles before personnel leave the area and enter the public, or to prevent cross-contamination as workers move from one work area to another.


Cleanroom Air Shower is used in a variety of industries where contamination can be harmful, including





Precision manufacturing

Air Shower Manufacturer - ZhongJian South

We specialize in the design, manufacture, construction, installation and maintenance of clean room projects, and focus on the development of purification products. The categories cover industrial, commercial and household. With the qualification and ability of cleanroom design, we are an important leading company in this field.

With more than 15 years of experience as an innovative professional team, providing services to industries such as precision electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, laboratories, printing, painting, food and cosmetics. We have established strategic partnership with Shenzhen Zhongjian South Environment Co., Ltd. to cooperate with large enterprises such as Foxconn Group, BYD Company, SDP Company, JSL Company, Bluestack, Bill Crystal, Skyworth, TCL, CAS, SCG Holdings, Boen Medical, Grain and Oil, Kashi Milk, Ao Xue Cosmetics, Makara Food, and Wen's Food Group.

Our products and services are highly recognized and recommended by our customers, and we have a strong influence and competitiveness in the market.

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