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Air Shower

Double Double Blowing Air Shower

Frame for steel plate electrostatic spray (ivory white) before and after the door, the foot pedal for all stainless steel, domestic high-EFFiciency filter, three-phase low noise DF-7 fan, two-door eff electronic interlock, high-quality door closer, infrared sensor switch, automatic spray system, air shower process voice prompt PLC control panel.

Product Description

Scope of Application:

Widely used various local purification equipment and clean plant


Double-person double-blowing air shower: just as the name implies, it means that two people enter the air shower system at the same time and blow and shower at the same time. After the people get into the air shower, the high-speed clean airflow is filtered by the high-efficiency filter and then sprayed onto people from all directions by the rotatable nozzle to efficiently remove dust particles carried by clothes of the human body. The air with the dust particles is filtered by the primary high-efficiency filter and then recycled to the air shower area. The double blowing design enhances the removal efficiency of contaminants from the surface of the individuals and equipment entering the cleanroom. This type of air shower is typically installed at the entrance of the cleanroom and is operated by a control panel or an automatic sensor.

1. Material: the whole box made of high quality 304 stainless steel material;

2. Door: equipped with two single doors. The door is made of 304 stainless steel;

3. Door frame: The door frame shall be made of 45*75MM stainless steel square tube with a thickness of 1.2 mm. The double doors shall be reinforced with two stainless steel hinges to ensure the durability of the door and prevent damage and deformation. After special process processing, forming concave and convex circular arc, beautiful and elegant, double door with PVC rubber sealing strip, sealing performance and sound insulation effect is good, the upper half with transparent toughened glass, toughened glass thickness of 5.0mm visual purification transparent hypotenuse observation window;

4. Material thickness: 304 stainless steel plate thickness of 1.0MM;

5. Fans: special purification centrifugal fans for wind shower: with the characteristics of low noise and high wind pressure, 2 sets in number, with power of 1.1KW, fan air volume of 2500 air volume/set, wind pressure of 1200 Pa, and rotating speed of 2800 rpm;

6. Control mode: advanced integrated circuit control, intelligent voice control system, touch-type micro-switch, equipped with photoelectric sensor to sense automatic induction blowing and showering, and when a person enters the wind shower, the human body is automatically sensed to start the air shower (if only the door is opened, and the person does not enter the wind shower, the fan is not started, and the program is more intelligent);

7. Display mode: Electronic interlocking LED display (display: fan, lighting, and shower blowing) and PLC control system, plug and play, to ensure the safety of electricity consumption; In and out of the double door also use switch door lock display, luxury, easy to use, easy to understand;

8. Door lock: This air shower is equipped with high-quality electronic interconnection lock, and both doors cannot be opened at the same time (A door is opened, and B door is locked, and AB door cannot be opened during the blowing and strangling process. In case of emergency, AB door can be automatically unlocked by pressing the emergency stop button). The high-pressure alloy lock is adopted, and the door lock is firm and durable, with high sensitivity, and both doors cannot be opened during the blowing and strangling process; Personnel enter the wind shower to blow out the rain, while personnel leave the wind shower without blowing out the rain;

9. Filtration efficiency: this equipment adopts three-stage filtration system to ensure the purification quality. The primary effect filter is formed by punching the main board material of the air shower directly. It is beautiful and strong with high air permeability. Medium effect filter pre-filtration 45%(5um), the number of two, 1300*500*100mm, easy to assemble and disassemble according to the cleaning; The high-efficiency filters are of our own brand. For dust with a particle size of ≥0.5um, the test shall be ≥99.995% (sodium flame method). The EPA high-efficiency filters have a size of 820*600*120 and a quantity of two.

10. Air shower handle: the use of luxury 304 stainless steel handle, elegant appearance, convenient and durable.

11. Door closer: high-quality FED door closer is adopted, so that people can automatically close the door when entering the wind shower, which is durable.

12. Nozzle distribution: adopt multi-angle adjustable mirror light stainless steel nozzle, diameter of 38mm, number: 18 (nozzle distribution: 9 on the left, 9 on the right) blowing on both sides in total, the effect is better, the outlet speed is 20-30 m/s or higher;

13. 304 stainless steel is adopted at the bottom of the air shower, and stainless steel bending edge is adopted at the contact part between the periphery of the outer box body of the air shower and the ground, so that the air shower is beautiful and elegant, and has better corrosion resistance.

14. Time: spray time 0-99S adjustable, liquid crystal display air shower time and fan start and working state;

15. Lighting: using embedded LED purification lamp 1*15W, lighting with time delay function, namely intelligent warm and elegant;

16. The four sides are bent with circular arc, which is beautiful and elegant. Personal safety will not be endangered due to staff contact and slight collision.

17. Good details: internal welding using keel reinforcement, more solid, internal sealing material using foam polyurethane seal, external use sealant seal, health and environmental protection, no stimulating odor. The internal insert type reinforced fixation, elegant, easy maintenance disassembly; Only two screws are fixed on one side, and the embedded stainless steel screws show the technical advantage;

18. Safety performance: under the condition of power failure, the two-door lock will automatically unlock, and the two doors will open simultaneously, which is beneficial to escape and ensures high safety performance.

19. power supply: 380v, 50hz, ac3n. 

20. Applicable number: 2-3 persons, standard is 2 persons.


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