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Air Shower

Stainless Steel Air Shower

Stainless steel air shower consists of box body, stainless steel door (steel paint door or color steel door with window), coarse effect filter, high efficiency filter, fan, static pressure box, nozzle interlock controller, operation panel, induction device, etc.

Stainless Steel Air Showers

Cleanroom air showers can protect your cleanroom environment from unwanted contamination. Air showers can greatly improve cleanroom performance by removing surface contaminants from clothing and cleanroom garments.

Using high-speed air jets and HEPA or ULPA air filtration systems, our cleanroom air showers increase throughput by removing loose contaminants from people and products before they enter the cleanroom, reducing or eliminating product defects.


Cleanrooms must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines to prevent contamination. Coveralls and other protective equipment are used to prevent outside contaminants from entering the cleanroom, but this is not always sufficient. Contaminants are easily transported by people and objects, and simple specifications for lint or debris can cause problems in some cleanroom environments. As a result, cleanroom air showers have become an important part of maintaining the cleanliness of cleanrooms and other clean critical environments.

Air showers are designed to be disassembled for easy installation and flexible use. Air showers can be shipped or fully assembled. When shipped, all components can be disassembled through standard doors. All service of the blower, motor and filter is done inside the air shower room. The unit also offers an optional design that allows all installation assembly to be done from inside the air shower room.

Choosing the Right Cleanroom Air Showers

Finding the right cleanroom entry system for your facility isn't always easy. To determine which cleanroom air shower you need, consider the following factors.

The air shower room should be modular for easy configuration/reconfiguration, shipping and assembly

The air shower room enclosure should be made of stainless steel or painted steel

Blower systems must provide large amounts of air at high speeds to effectively purify personnel, equipment, etc.

Cleanroom air showers should have a large number of air nozzles; nozzles should be adjustable

The unit should include a magnetic door interlock system with appropriate controls

Benefits of clean air showers

Air showers represent a small fraction of the overall cleanroom cost, but they can save you thousands of dollars by preventing contamination that could affect the quality or usefulness of your products and equipment.


In addition, modular cleanroom air showers reduce the need for cleanroom maintenance because contamination loads will be lower. Your cleanroom's HEPA and ULPA filters will last longer and reduce overall energy costs. Cleanroom air showers also improve efficiency by limiting particle buildup. This increases the efficiency of HEPA filters by reducing the pressure on them.


Air shower rooms provide the cost-effective contamination control technology your application needs to improve product quality.

Air shower room systems for a variety of applications

Air showers installed as cleanroom entry systems reduce contamination as people enter clean production spaces. A worker walks through the entrance door, which closes, and a stream of high-speed HEPA-filtered air blows onto the worker from numerous, precisely placed adjustable nozzles. This high velocity air creates a slapping effect on the worker's clothing so that contaminants can be removed from their cleanroom clothing.


At the end of the cycle, the exit door unlocks and the worker exits the air shower into the clean room. Typical cycle time is ten seconds. Adjustable microprocessors allow for easy "on-the-fly" adjustment of cycle times and other key process controls.


Cleanroom air showers can also be used to remove particles before people leave the area and enter the public, or to prevent cross-contamination as workers move from one work area to another.


Cleanroom air showers are used in a variety of industries where contamination can be harmful, including:





Precision manufacturing

Stainless steel air shower manufacturer from China

Maintaining contaminant levels is critical, which is why you need a modular cleanroom shower that is reliable and effective. Not all lab air showers are created equal, and not all air showers perform the same in every situation.


Only ZhongJian South's air showers combine high-quality all-metal construction with high performance, custom options and versatile configurations.ZhongJian South's design advantages make these cleanroom air showers easy to install and maintain. Our lab air showers provide maximum efficiency and value for your cleanroom or other controlled environment.


ZhongJian South designs and manufactures a full line of standard and custom air showers, as well as soft and hard wall cleanrooms, fan filtration units and more. 

Stainless Steel Air Shower


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