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Clean Bench

Clean Bench

The Clean Bench is available in either horizontal or vertical laminar flow. Both provide a HEPA filtered environment to protect samples from airborne contamination. The Clean Bench does not provide personnel protection.

Clean benches and laminar flow hoods use state-of-the-art technology to ensure a clean, particle-free work environment for non-hazardous materials. Cleanroom benches produce HEPA filtered air to ensure that work surfaces are 99% free of 0.3 micron particles.


ZhongJian South's laminar flow benches and laminar flow hoods provide a high purity microenvironment inside and outside the cleanroom. We offer a range of standard and custom styles of horizontal and vertical laminar flow benches to meet your cleanroom needs.

Vertical & Horizontal Laminar Flow Hoods

Vertical vs. Horizontal Laminar Flow HoodsThe difference between horizontal and vertical flow hoods can be seen in the design of each system. Horizontal units are appropriate when the work environment requires a surface that must first come into contact with the clean air stream provided. Conversely, vertical flow benches are suitable for exhaust systems and should be used when irritants or toxic chemicals are used in the work area. Whether horizontal or vertical flow benches, proper enclosure design helps prevent backwashing and ensures that the laminar airflow continues to protect the clean bench surface from work.

Laminar Flow Benchtop HEPA Filters 

A common component of any clean bench is the HEPA filter. a HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) removes particles, often called aerosols, such as microorganisms from the air. In addition, HEPA filters do not remove vapors or gases. Other HEPA filter features include.

HEPA filters are made of borosilicate glass microfibers

Flat filter sheets are pleated to increase total surface area

Pleats are separated by aluminum baffles that guide airflow through the filter

Cleanroom benches 

Our standard cleanroom benches are a simple and effective way to create self-contained, ultra-clean mini environments. class 100 (ISO Class 5) and class 10 (ISO Class 4) standard cleanroom benches are available to meet your needs. HEPA filtration and strong horizontal or vertical non-directional airflow "flush out" particles and prevent contaminants from entering the clean work area. 

Custom Cleanroom Benches

ZhongJian South's custom cleanroom benches are designed for more specialized applications. These compact cleanroom solutions are designed to be placed on a shelf, on a counter or tabletop, or as a stand-alone unit.


A variety of laminar flow hoods are available, including horizontal laminar flow clean benches, vertical laminar flow wash through base clean benches, vertical laminar flow exhaust clean benches, and recirculating clean benches. 

Water Level Laminar Flow Clean Benches

These custom clean benches are designed to be placed on a table top. Some of the unique features of our water leveling laminar flow clean benches include

Exclusive housing

Multiple clean hoods

Internal motorized filters

Power cords

and more

Vertical Flow Laminar Flow Clean Bench

Our vertical flow laminar flow clean benches are designed to create self-contained, ultra-clean miniature environments. These clean benches are available in a variety of sizes and styles and are precision engineered to provide an excellent solution for many air filtration applications. Some of the features of our vertical flow laminar flow clean benches include:

Welded steel cabinets with powder coating

White vinyl coated steel back panels

Clear polycarbonate end caps

PSC motors with ball bearings

and more

Laminar Flow Hood Applications

Cleanroom benches are the perfect solution for facilities that handle too small a volume of cleaning critical products to justify the cost of an entire cleanroom. Unidirectional airflow benches provide advanced product protection by ensuring that work on the bench is exposed only to HEPA filtered air. Applications where laminar flow benches are typically used include

Research laboratories

Animal laboratories

Precision manufacturing.

Metal fabrication/lead industry





Medical Devices


Health Care

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