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Clean Bench

Anti-Static Purification Workbench

Anti-static purification workbench with 1.5mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, after pickling phosphating anticorrosion, surface for epoxy resin powder not electrostatic spraying processing, acid and alkali and rust, mesa all stainless steel.

Product Description

An anti-static purification workbench is a type of work surface designed for use in cleanroom or controlled environment applications. The anti-static feature helps prevent the buildup of static electricity on the work surface, which can attract and hold particulate contaminants. The purification aspect refers to the use of filtration and other methods to maintain a clean, contaminant-free work environment.

Scope of Application

Widely used in health care, pharmaceutical preparations, biopharmaceuticals, plant tissue culture, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, food and beverage, chemical experiment,Purification engineeringSuch as field and laboratory, provide sterile clean clean environment clean workbench.

Product Features 

Box: 1.5mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, after pickling phosphating anti-corrosion, surface for epoxy resin powder not electrostatic spraying treatment, anti-acid-base and anti-rust, mesa all stainless steel;


Single (double) single-sided vertical quasi-closed table, effectively preventing external air induction and odor on the human body in the operation area;


Adopt adjustable air volume fan system, light touch switch and multi-stage voltage regulation to ensure the wind speed in the working area is always in an ideal state;


Sliding door: double-suspended glass door, open up and down, easy and flexible operation, rubber damping pad embedded at the bottom of the sliding door to reduce the impact of the switch, no segment balance method code, sliding door up and down freely, can stay at any position;


Transmission: Double-suspended glass doors can be opened up and down flexibly and conveniently with low noise through synchronous transmission of guide rail, counterweight pulley block, steel cable, counterweight, etc.;


The front cover can be opened directly to facilitate replacement of filters, electronic component accessories, etc.

Product Specification

Product specificationAnti-static double clean workbenchAnti-static single-person clean workbench
Cleanliness classClass 100 @≥0.5μm (US$ 209E)Class 100 @≥0.5μm (US$ 209E)
Colony count≤0.5/plate (Φ φ90mm culture plate)≤0.5/plate (Φ φ90mm culture plate)
mean wind speed0.3 ~ 0.6 m/s (adjustable)0.3 ~ 0.6 m/s (adjustable)
Electric sourceAC, single 220V/50HzAC, single 220V/50Hz
Semi-peak of vibration≤3μm(X.Y.Z direction)≤3μm(X.Y.Z direction)
Maximum power consumption800W800W
Workspace dimensions (mm)1700×680×6001500×500×600
Device outline dimensions (mm)1600×680×16001400×500×1450
High efficiency filter specifications and quantity16000×550×50×11350×500×50×1
Fluorescent/uv lamp specifications and quantity30w×1/ 30w×130w×①/ 30w×1
Applicable headcountDouble single/2 person operationSingle sided/operated

Note: the above parameters are for reference only, and the company can customize them according to the specific needs of customers;

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