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Vertical Flow Hundred-Stage Purification Worktable

The vertical flow hundred-stage purification worktable adopts one-way flow manifold and quasi-closed table top, which can effectively prevent external airflow penetration and the stimulation of operating odor on human body. the adjustable air volume fan system and the light touch switch are adopted to adjust the voltage to ensure the wind speed in the working area is always in an ideal state. the working table top is made of 304 stainless steel.


A vertical flow hundred-stage purification worktable is a type of laboratory equipment used to purify and filter liquids or gases. It typically consists of multiple stages of filters, each with progressively smaller pore sizes, to remove impurities and achieve high levels of purification. The "hundred-stage" refers to the number of filtration stages present in the worktable. The vertical flow design ensures efficient filtering by directing the liquid or gas downward through each stage, thereby increasing the effective surface area for filtration.

Scope of Application

Medical and health, biopharmaceuticals, food, medical science and experiment, optical, electronic, sterile room experiment, sterile microorganism inspection, plant tissue culture inoculation need local clean sterile working environment of scientific research and production departments.

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