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Clean Booth

Clean Booth

The Dispensing Booth is a laminar flow filtration chamber for dispensing, sampling and weighing of powders and chemicals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. These units use the reverse laminar flow operating principle to provide protection for the operator, the product/sample and the surrounding environment.

The Dispensing Booth's downward forced air is extracted at a low level into the chamber cleaning filter system and contaminated particles are recirculated into the chamber airflow. Under standard operating conditions in the dispensing chamber, air is drawn through the main chamber into the steel exhaust grille for the HEPA and PRE filters mounted on the rear side of the booth, which inhibits airborne dust particles from moving away from the area of use.

The Dispensing Booth is constructed of stainless steel and the main components include a pre-filter (10 micron), fine filter (3 micron), HEPA filter (0.3 micron), differential pressure gauge (for pre-filter, fine filter and HEPA filter), light, fan, SOP/DOP port, and power outlet.


Customized design

Uniquely designed air ducts effectively control noise.

Smooth transition between wall and floor eliminates dead spots.

Equipped with differential pressure gauge to monitor filters in real time.

Intelligent control mode and alarm system ensure reliable operation.

Automatic frequency conversion system monitors air speed to ensure its stability in the working area.

Uniform flow design in the main working area

Sampling chamber with primary filter, medium efficiency filter and HEPA filter


Dispensing booths are used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, vaccine, and food industries for weighing, grinding, dispensing, and filling operations that generate suspended particulate matter; especially where: processes involve hazardous, toxic materials; operators, adjacent areas need protection from exposure to aerosols of process materials.

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