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Clean Booth

Portable Soft Wall Cleanroom

The Portable Soft Wall Cleanroom is a simple, clean room that offers fast and convenient establishment. It has various clean grades, and its space can be designed and manufactured to meet specific use requirements.

This makes it convenient to use for high-precision product assembly areas with high flexibility and easy installation.

The construction period is short, and its main characteristics are mobility and sturdiness.

It is mainly constructed with industrial aluminum (or stainless steel square, iron square spray) as the frame, which is solid, beautiful, rust-free, and dust-free. Additionally, anti-static hanging curtains (or tempered glass) surround it.

These curtains have excellent anti-static effects, high transparency, clear grids, good flexibility, no deformation, and are not prone to aging.

The FFU fan filter units are adopted for air supply, and the internal purification level can reach 100-300000 levels.

The Clean Shed is especially suitable for areas with high requirements of local purification levels in workshops, such as production lines.

Portable Soft Wall Cleanroom

The Portable Soft Wall Cleanroom is an air purification equipment that provides a localized high clean environment and is the easiest and fastest way to build a simple clean room. Equipped with a variety of cleanliness levels and space configurations, it can be designed according to user needs. It is also a type of mobile sample purification device with a small investment and high purification degree. The fan cabinet is placed on an aluminum profile support, sealed tightly, and covered with anti-static curtains or anti-static plexiglass. The bottom is surrounded by positive pressure natural exhaust and other forms to achieve a clean room cleanliness level of 100-300,000. Currently, it is widely used in clean and aseptic environments in electronics, biology, medicine, food, precision instruments, and other industries to provide a localized high cleanliness working environment.

The clean room has many features, including being simple to use, highly flexible, easy to install, having a short construction time, and being movable. It can be installed in parts of general class clean rooms with high cleanliness requirements to save costs.


1. FFU fan filter unit: adopt direct-drive centrifugal fan, with long life, low noise, maintenance-free, small vibration, stepless speed regulation and other characteristics, fan quality is reliable, long service life, plus the unique air duct design, greatly improve the efficiency of the fan, reduce the noise;

2. A modular structure: that purification level is easy to improve, the expansibility is strong, and the reuse value is high;

3. It is convenient to move (it can be equipped with universal wheels);

4. Compared with the civil type or assembly type 100 clean room, less investment, quick effect, simple installation, low operation cost.


Clean Booths are used in a wide range of areas including semiconductor and LCD equipment factories, electronic or precision machine manufacturers, electronic material manufacturers, food plants, pharmaceutical plants, etc.

Benefits of Our Soft Wall Cleanrooms

ZhongJian South's standard soft wall cleanrooms offer many benefits and advantages that make them an effective solution for any cleaning critical application.

High Functionality

Low cost

Durable and lightweight

Modular design for easy assembly and disassembly

Easy to reconfigure or expand

Portable and easy to relocate

Two mounting options (freestanding or ceiling-mounted)

Ideal for small spaces

Uses negative air pressure

Softwall Cleanroom Sizes and Classification Options

We offer a full line of soft wall modular cleanrooms in a range of classifications and standard sizes, as well as custom soft wall cleanrooms to meet your unique specifications. Our plastic cleanrooms use negative air pressure, which means that the air pressure outside the room is higher than the pressure inside the room. Negative air pressure is achieved by having an airtight cleanroom that filters air out of the room.

Optional soft wall cleanroom features

Customized size and height

ULPA filter (Class 10)

99.999% testing of 0.12 micron HEPA filters

Bar doors for high traffic areas

Poly bead test filters

Yellow or opaque curtains

Special room heights

Yellow light

Flow-through lights

Ionization system

Pre-wired kits

Acrylic or polycarbonate walls

Changing rooms and passageways

Conductive curtains

Stainless steel frame construction

Architectural suspension brackets

Casters with brakes for moving cleanroom setups (not recommended for cleanrooms larger than 12 feet by 12 feet)

Custom Soft Wall Cleanrooms

ZhongJian South is an industry leader in modular cleanroom design and manufacturing. We offer a range of modular soft wall cleanrooms to meet virtually any customer requirement. However, if your application requires a softwall cleanroom with non-standard dimensions, special features or other unique options, we can provide a custom laminar flow softwall cleanroom to meet your specifications.

Portable Soft Wall Cleanrooms

We offer a variety of sizes of soft wall portable cleanrooms to meet your individual needs. Lightweight, low cost and easy to assemble, these portable cleanrooms are the ideal solution for mobile particle quality control. 

Standard sizes of soft wall cleanroom enclosures range from 4 feet by 4 feet to 24 feet by 36 feet. Larger sizes or non-standard sizes can be designed and built to meet any space requirement. Because of the modular design, our soft wall cleanrooms can be expanded or reduced in size without disassembling the entire cleanroom.

ZhongJian South's soft wall cleanrooms are available in a variety of classifications. The most popular classifications range from Class 100,000 (ISO 8) to Class 10 (ISO 4).

Contact us for modular soft wall cleanrooms and more information

ZhongJian South designs and manufactures a full line of standard and custom soft wall portable cleanrooms, as well as hard wall cleanrooms, air showers, and more. Request a quote or contact us for a soft wall cleanroom for your unique application.

Portable Soft Wall Cleanroom

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