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Clean Room

Clean rooms

Clean Room Design

Airflow → primary effect air treatment → air conditioning → medium effect air treatment → fan pressurized air supply → purified air supply pipeline →Efficient air supply outlet→ clean room → take away dust (bacteria) → return air duct → fresh air and primary air treatment.

The above proces is repeated to achieve that purpose of purification.

Technical Parameter

Cleanrooms are used in a variety of industries around the world. Various types of cleanrooms have specific uses, but they all follow strict guidelines to maximize the effectiveness of this complex structure.

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to strict government regulations and pharmaceutical cleanrooms must meet stringent standards and requirements. The minimum standard for pharmaceutical cleanrooms is typically ISO 5 (Federal Standard 209 Class 100), which requires 240-600 air changes per hour and 35-70% ceiling coverage to maintain an environment of 100,000 0.1μm particles per cubic meter. ZhongJian South Environment designs, builds and installs the highest quality pharmaceutical cleanrooms to meet these requirements. We offer modular cleanrooms that can be stand-alone modular units or utilize your existing walls and structures.

Air exchange rate: 100,000-grade 10-15 times/hour;

Ten thousand 15-25 times/hour;

Millennium 50-52 times/hour;

100 stage work station section wind speed 0.25-0.35 m/s;

Differential pressure: The differential pressure between clean rooms of different grades shall not be less than 5Pa, the differential pressure between clean area and non-clean area shall not be less than 5Pa, and the differential pressure between clean area and outdoor shall not be less than 10Pa;


Clean room with temperature and humidity requirements for production process: determined according to the requirements of production process

Clean room without temperature and humidity requirements for production process: 24 C–26 C in summer; 20 to 22 DEG C in win;

Room for personal purification and living: 26 C–30 C in summer; 16 to 20 DEG C in win;

The amount of fresh air in the clean room shall be the maximum of the following two:

1. The sum of the amount of fresh air required to compensate the indoor exhaust volume and maintain the indoor positive pressure value.

2. Ensure the supply of clean indoor fresh air per person per hour is not less than 40 m .

Construction Material

1. Clean room wall, roof material generally use 50mm thick sandwich color steel plate, purification of special alumina profile manufacturing. Door adopts purification sealed door, window adopts aluminum alloy glass fixed window.

2. Ground useEpoxy self-levelingOr advanced wear-resistant plastic clean floor.

3. Purification ventilation pipe selectiongalvanized sheetProduction, and use "PEF" flame retardant insulation board to do heat preservation.

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