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Brief Introduction of Clean Room FFU Intelligent Centralized Control System

Jul. 15, 2022

Clean room FFU as a kind of purification equipment, full nameFan Filter Unit "Fan Filter Unit" , is the Fan and Filter connectedtogether, can provide their own power clean equipment, in avariety of clean room has been widely used. Workshops indifferent fields have different requirements for the productionenvironment, often integrating the requirements of technology,construction, decoration, water supply and drainage, air purification, HVAC, air conditioning, automatic control, fireprotection and other aspects.


In the international market is popular IN THE FFU intelligentcontrol system, generally only equipped with BRUShless DCMOTOR FFU, each clean room according to the productionprocess and production requirements of the product, determinethe corresponding wind speed, at the same time have to consider the problem of energy consumption.China Construction Southern FFU centralized control system throughthe computer to achieve centralized monitoring, can simultaneously centralized monitoring dozens, hundreds oreven thousands of FFU, connected to monitor,and uploaded to the computer, by the computer fan start and stop, failure alarm, historical record query, etc..China Construction South FFU hasthe characteristics of low noise, low energy consumption, largeair volume, strong stability, high life, simple design and construction, flexible wind speed regulation, clean area is easyto change, is one of the popular system forms of industrialclean room.

Brief Introduction of Clean Room FFU Intelligent Centralized Control System

FFU main technical parameters:


China Construction South FFU centralized control system issuitable for FFU power is small but the number of occasions, using computer centralized monitoring is more convenient tooperate, the system mainly includes the following parts: ·One tow and two intelligent units (capacitor, transformervoltage regulating type or motor tap type adjustment); 32-way hub;

485/232communication card;

Low pressure control cabinet;

FFU control host;

Computer centralized monitoring system;


Field control module:

The FFU field intelligent control module uses single chipmicrocomputer as the core processor to realize the controlfunction.Through the intelligent control module to achieveremote centralized control and fault diagnosis and setting; Remote control through the optional remote controlcomponents.


The control system can achieve the following functions: -AC voltage regulating mode control system can ensure long-term trouble-free continuous operation under normal operatingconditions;


-The whole control system has reasonable layout and simplewiring;

. On the premise of meeting the cleanliness requirements, thewind speed and speed can be set according to the actualsituation to minimize the power consumption of the fan andachieve the purpose of energy saving;

. Work/on-duty control of fan speed, automatically reduce fanspeed to maintain indoor cleanliness during non-working hours,and realize energy saving;

China Construction South FFU in electronics, pharmaceutical,food, biological engineering and other fields of clean roomhave a wide range of applications, in the workshop purificationat the same time to achieve energy saving.

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