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Passenger Aircraft Equipped with HEPA Filter, Can Effectively Filter Pathogenic Microorganisms, China Construction South Think Line

Jul. 15, 2022

The Civil Aviation Administration of China held a press conferenceon February 12. Zhu Tao, director of the Civil Aviation

Administration's flying targets Department, said the administrationhas taken effective and precise measures to prevent the spread ofthe epidemic by focusing on key places, links and personnel.  


In terms of aircraft, prevention and control measures have beentaken, such as strengthening ventilation and disinfection of aircraft, carrying out on-board health inspections, optimizing on-board services, and clarifying the emergency handling procedures forpassengers with fever. Special operation guidelines have beenformulated for aircraft ventilation and disinfection. Maximum airvolume is used in flight under the premise of ensuring safety. Duringground operation, the aircraft auxiliary power system is used forventilation. At the same time, the aircraft environmental cleaning, disinfection and other operational procedures are standardized toensure the effectiveness of aircraft cleaning and disinfection. Toorganize experts to step up research and provide various effectiveairworthy disinfection products for aircraft disinfection according to the characteristics of the Novel Coronavirus.


Passenger Aircraft Equipped with HEPA Filter, Can Effectively Filter Pathogenic Microorganisms, China Construction South Think Line

At airports, prevention and control measures have been taken, suchas strengthening ventilation and disinfection at airports, carryingout temperature checks on inbound and outbound passengers, andrecycling masks after use. In particular, in terms of airport ventilation, feasible measures should be taken to enhance aircirculation based on the structure, layout and local climate conditions of the terminal. Temperature suitable, open doors andWindows;All air conditioning system, according to the situation of allfresh air operation, keep the air clean. For such a response method, China Construction southern experts said it is feasible. Because the current medical grade ultra-high efficiency air filterfilter efficiencyof 99. 99997%, can effectively filter pathogens and other pollutantsin the air. Widely used in hospitals, research LABS, etc. , of course, itis also suitable for aircraft or airport applications.


In terms of protection of front-line employees, priority has beengiven to the health of front-line civil aviation employees, healthmanagement has been strengthened, body temperature testing hasbeen carried out, and "working while sick" has been prevented. Stricter protection measures have been taken for crewmembers, especially those on flights to Wuhan, to ensure theirhealth and effectively ensure operational safety.


At the same time, Zhu said, the CAAC is also concerned about thehePA filters installed on aircraft. "At present, almost all Chineseaircraft carrying passengers are equipped with HEPA filters. Theefficiency of hePA filter for 0. 3 micron pollution particles can reach99. 9% or more, can effectively filter out pathogenic microorganisms, greatly reducing the possibility of virus transmission on the plane. So rest assured that we can provide youwith a safe onboard environment. "


Zhu tao said that COVID-19 prevention and controlwork has entered a critical stage, and although thenumber of newly confirmed cases outside Hubeiprovince has decreased day after day, the situationremains grim. According to the deployment of TheState Council's joint prevention and control mechanism, normal production should be resumed in asteady and orderly manner while epidemic preventionand control continue. As an important mode of transportation, civil aviation is an important transportation guarantee for enterprises to resumework and production. With the increase in the frequency of travel, there will be large-scale movementand gathering of people, especially in the provinceswith large labor export and import. There will be therisk of further spread of the epidemic,which is agreater challenge for us.


He said that he will continue to follow the principleof "careful, scientific and calm" and adhere to therequirements of "ensuring safe operation, emergencytransportation, controllable risks and meticulousmeasures" to coordinate epidemic prevention andcontrol and transportation support, and providesufficient transportation capacity to support theresumption of work and production of enterprises. Atthe same time, we will be fully prepared, implementscientific and effective prevention and control measures, and actively respond to the risks andchallenges brought by the resumption of work andproduction. The next steps of CIVIL Aviation Administration mainly include the following threeaspects:


First, early study and judgment,reasonable arrangement of transportation. By means of multi-channeldata and advanced, real-time monitoring and analysis of flow of personnel, scientific analysis and toreturn the size and trends, research deployment as soon as possible, perfect plan, especially for keyareas of transport personnel, by adopting "charter" , "airport single channel" targeted measures, suchas overall key group transport capacity.


Second, effective prevention and control to prevent the spread of the epidemic. To consolidate responsibilities, continue to do a good job in the ventilation and disinfection of aircraft and airports, temperature monitoring of inbound and outbound passengers, and personal protection of front-lineemployees, and ensure that all prevention and control measures are firmly and thoroughly flights,with key groups taking separate seats to reduce the risk of transmission on board. We will refine the handling measures for passengers with fever on board, setup relative emergency isolation areas according to the actual situation, and timely isolate passengerswith fever on board.


Third, careful measures should be taken to strengthen individual protection. At present, the civilaviation system of internal prevention and control work is still focused on strengthening the personalprotection of front-line employees. We first meet units (especially the cabin crew), security (especiallythe implementation of the identity check and review the security personnel of person) and otherdirect service passenger line post personnel protective equipment requirements, according to thecharacteristics of different type of work with masks, gloves, goggles,liquid temperature gun, handand other necessary protective equipment.


In addition, the CIVIL Aviation Administration has formulated technical guidelines forsecurity personnel to ensure the cleanlinessof security areas and the health protection of security personnel.


"All the measures we have taken are aimed at creating a safe andcomfortable travel environment for passengers. Please understandand cooperate with us in security inspection, temperature detectionand other related work. We will do our best to optimize the processand facilitate the travel of passengers. Airlines are required to collectpassengerinformation at the request of local governments, and weencourage them to use electronic online forms to reduce the healthrisks of filling out paper registration forms. During the flight, if theairline requires you to fill in the electronic information registrationform, please actively cooperate.

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