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FFU Group Control System

As a kind of purification equipment, FFU has been widely used in a variety of clean engineering. The FFU centralized monitoring system can connect dozens, hundreds or even thousands of FFUs for monitoring through the FFU monitoring host. The 24-h real-time monitoring and control such as monitoring, fan start-up and stop, fault alarm, and historical record can be realized by the computer system.

Product Description

The FFU or Fan Filter Unit is a widely used purification equipment in various clean engineering applications. Its centralized monitoring system is capable of connecting and monitoring dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of FFUs through the FFU monitoring host, making it a vital tool in the maintenance of clean rooms.

The FFU monitoring system architecture is composed of three parts: the upper monitoring end, the middle-level data collection end, and the lower FFU controller. The upper monitoring end can utilize packaged graphics control software or develop custom monitoring software. Meanwhile, the data collector actively gathers information from the underlying FFU controller, which then feeds into the lower FFU controller.

To ensure the system's fault-free continuous operation, the FFU control system uses an AC voltage regulation mode control system, which guarantees a long life span. Additionally, the system has a reasonable layout and simple wiring, and wind speed and rotation speed can be adjusted to minimize power consumption while maintaining cleanliness requirements.

The FFU group control system can connect tens or thousands of FFUs through the FFU monitoring host and is mainly used in various clean rooms. The system includes a one-to-two intelligent unit, 32-way hub, 485/232 communication card, low-voltage control cabinet, FFU control host, and a computer centralized control system.

The system offers several main control functions, including single machine control, group loop control, collective control of control center, on-site direct control, remote connection control, cross-platform integration capability, and direct integration of an industrial control system.

The FFU centralized monitoring system is a critical tool for maintaining the cleanliness of various clean rooms. Its advanced architecture, main technical parameters, and system features offer exceptional control and monitoring capabilities, making it an excellent choice for any clean engineering application.

Scope of Application:

The FFU group control system can connect tens or thousands of FFUs through the FFU monitoring host, which is mainly applied to various clean rooms.


FFU monitoring system architecture:

1. Upper monitoring end.

◇ You can use packaged graphics control software such as Intouch IFIX, Cimplicity and other commonly used software in the market through Ethernet network, or develop your own monitoring software, or integrate it into existing broadcasting systems;

◇ The communication converter of TOPWELL can be read and written through RS-232C;

◇ Can be directly read and written to the FFU controller;

2. Middle-level data collection end.

The data collector actively collects information from the underlying FFU controller 

3. Lower FFU controller.


Main Technical Parameters:

Since this system is used for occasions where the FFU power is small but the number is large, a computer is used for centralized monitoring for operation. The system includes the following four parts:

◇ One-to-two intelligent unit (adopting capacitor, transformer voltage-regulating type or motor tap-type adjustment);

◇ 32-way hub;

◇ 485/232 communication card;

◇ Low-voltage control cabinet;

◇ FFU control host;

◇ Computer centralized control system;


System Features:

◇ AC voltage regulation mode control system can guarantee the normal use condition fault-free continuous operation for a long time;

◇ The whole control system has reasonable layout and simple wiring;

◇ On the premise of meeting the requirements of cleanliness, the wind speed and rotation speed can be set according to the actual situation to minimize the power consumption of the fan and achieve the purpose of energy saving;

◇ To work/on duty fan speed control, in the non-working time, automatically reduce the fan speed to maintain indoor cleanliness requirements, to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Main Control Control Functions

◇ Single machine control;

◇ Group loop control;

◇ Collective control of control center;

◇ On-site direct control;

◇ Remote connection control;

◇ Cross-platform integration capability;

◇ Direct integration of industrial control system;


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