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HEPA Air Filter

HEPA Air Filter

ZhongJian South's clean air solutions help protect sensitive advanced manufacturing processes, prevent microbial contamination in research laboratories, and eliminate infectious air contaminants in healthcare.

HEPA Air Filter

HEPA air filters are widely used in the nuclear, electronics, aerospace and military industries. They are also critical in medical applications such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, hospital operating and isolation rooms, and clean room environments. HEPA filters of the highest standard help prevent bacterial and viral infections from spreading through the air and can be further combined with UV light to ensure air purity.

Other applications, such as new vehicle and aircraft circulation systems, use HEPA filters because of the high level of cleanliness required in the air. For those prone to asthma and allergies, HEPA filters and other types of air purifier filters can provide a level of air quality that can alleviate these health problems. Because of their high efficiency in capturing particles, HEPA filters are also widely used in industrial settings.

The filters themselves are typically made of glass fibers randomly arranged at different densities. The diameter and thickness of the fibers directly affect the effective function of the filter and the percentage of filtration capacity.

HEPA filters, like the equally effective ULPA filters, tend to be very dense and therefore may require circulation systems with more powerful engines than standard air filter filters because of the additional power required to move the air through the filter. As the air passes through the filter, the many interwoven fibers trap particles and prevent them from being recirculated back into the atmosphere.

Because of the percentage of particles removed, HEPA filters may need to be replaced or cleaned frequently. Another potential disadvantage of using HEPA-rated filters is that they tend to be more expensive than other types of air filters, such as foam filters or carbon air filters.

For applications that require HEPA-rated air purification, it is worth the investment, but for other applications, a HEPA-type filter or HEPA-type filter may be sufficient. These filters will still provide a high level of air filtration, but do not need to meet the same purification standards as a true HEPA filter.

HEPA Filter without Baffle (Liquid Tank)

HEPA Filter without Baffle (Liquid Tank) is the ideal terminal filter for industrial clean room and biological clean room, as well as the ideal filter for other related purification equipment. The liquid tank seal is better than the mechanical compression device commonly used in China at present. Liquid canister sealed air filter is not only easy to install, but also very reliable, which is the common way to seal high efficiency filter in the international market.

Aluminum Frame with Partition HEPA Filter

High efficiency partition air filter is made of ultra-fine glass fiber as filter material, wood veneer paper or aluminum pavement as partition, and glued with wood frame or aluminum alloy frame, which has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, low resistance, etc. It has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, low resistance, and large air volume.

Double Profile HEPA Filter

Zhongjiannan double profile filter adopts double material aluminum profile, imported high efficiency and low resistance ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper and double-sided mesh cover, with stable performance. It is commonly used in clean room end, hospital operating room, laboratory, biopharmaceutical, painting workshop, microelectronics, fiber optic equipment, food processing and other working environments with high requirements for cleanliness.

High Temperature Resistant HEPA Filter

High Temperature Resistant HEPA Filter is mainly used for filtering tar, oil smoke, dust and other particles produced in high temperature sterilization tunnel or high temperature drying room of pharmaceutical factory, with large air volume and low resistance; good high temperature resistance; large filtering area and high efficiency; using imported temperature and moisture resistant ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper; using the highest temperature below 250.c, can be used in the specified high temperature environment for a long time; wedge-shaped box pleat design to prevent damage to the filter paper. Filtration efficiency: H13/H14.

China HEPA Filter Suppliers Manufacturer

Shenzhen ZhongJian South Environment Co., Ltd was founded in 2003 and transformed into the capital market in 2017. It is one of the first high-tech enterprises in the industry that provides technical solutions for air pollution control and treatment. 

We are mainly engaged in Designing, Manufacturing, Testing & Verification, Manufacturing Processes and Quality Control, Engineering & Installation, and After-Sale Service of clean rooms and are devoted to controlling and treatment of air PM2.5, formaldehyde, benzene, VOC, and other toxic and hazardous substances.

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