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HEPA Air Filter

Aluminum Frame with Partition HEPA Filter

The high-efficiency air filt with clapboard is made up by using superfine glass fibre as filt material, using veneer paper or aluminium berth as partition board and glue with wood frame or aluminium alloy frame, and possesses that advantages of high filtering efficiency, low resistance and large air volume.

Scope of Application:

Automobile, food, electroplating, chemical industry, textile, light industry, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other fields

Product Advantage

High efficiency and low resistance;

Large dust capacity and good wind speed uniformity;

Custom-made frame is adopted. The frame is firm and easy to install.

Compact structure and long service life;

Adopt special superfine glass fiber filt paper as a filter material for precise filtration and efficient filtration;

The filter paper has high dust catching and air permeability and excellent filtering effect;

The filtration efficiency of the particles larger than or equal to 0.3 mu m is more than 99.99 percent;

Air Volume and Resistance

Aluminum Frame with Partition HEPA Filter

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