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Integrated and Efficient Air Supply Port

Integrated Efficient Air Supply Outlet

This product is an air supply opening that is designed to be used in clean environments, such as hospital operating rooms, laboratories, and food processing facilities. It is made with a closed structure that prevents air leakage, and it is lightweight and easy to move. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, and the filter material is superfine glass fiber filter paper, which has high filtration efficiency and low resistance.

Product Description

The air supply opening is available in different diameters, and it can be installed on ceiling joists or color steel suspended ceilings. It is recommended to test indoor air quality before installation, and to ensure that the air passes through a pre-filter before entering the opening to extend its service life.

The integrated efficient air supply outlet is made with high-quality materials and has a compact structure that is suitable for clean rooms with limited space. It contains a high-efficiency filter that has a filtration efficiency of 99.9995%@0.12um(U15). It also has a regulating valve that helps to regulate the air supply uniformity and the static pressure effect. The appearance is insulated with PEF insulation, which has good heat preservation performance.

The integrated high-efficiency air supply opening can be customized according to customer requirements, and it is available in detachable and non-detachable versions, with or without insulation cotton. It can be installed in the form of an aluminum alloy keel clean room, and it is particularly suitable for clean rooms that have limited space.

Frame material: aluminum alloy

Filter material: superfine glass fiber filter paper

Sealant: polyurethane

Spacer: hot melt adhesive

Uses: widely used in hospital operating rooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical rooms, optical fiber equipment and food processing and other high cleanliness requirements of the working environment.

Structure Description:

Closed structure. The disposable over-efficient air supply opening adopts a closed structure, and leakage between the air inlet and the air outlet is prevented through testing, the frame body and the end mounting cover are well sealed, and side leakage is avoided

Small volume and light weight. The frame body is made of anodized aluminum alloy, which is convenient to move and install

Meets u. s. UL waterproofing requirements. Outside the box with 10mm thick PE insulation cotton, fire prevention grade for B1 level

Tuyere diameter 350mm,300mm,250mm to choose from


Installation instructions: high-efficiency air supply openings that can be installed on ceiling joists or color steel suspended ceilings need to be tested indoor after the installation of air ducts, and installed after the air volume and indoor cleanliness meet certain requirements, in order to extend the service life of the air supply openings to ensure the service life of high-efficiency filters, it is recommended that the air should pass through no less than F8 (colorimetric method 90-95%) pre-filtration model size and other parameters before entering.

Features of integrated efficient air supply outlet

1. Box made of high quality cold rolled steel plate, aluminum zinc plate or aluminum profile manufacturing, surface electrostatic spray treatment filter material: glass fiber filter paper duct: pipe diameter 250mm/ pipe length 80mm use the highest temperature: 80 degrees, humidity: 80%

2. High efficiency filter and static pressure box into a whole. A regulating valve is arranged at the air inlet of the static pressure box to regulate the air supply uniformity and the static pressure effect

3. 99.9995%@0.12um(U15) high-efficiency filter is adopted with high filtration efficiency and low resistance

4. The appearance adopts PEF insulation, heat preservation performance is good.

5. compact structure, reliable sealing, diffuser: aluminum mesh diffuser plate evenly dispersed wind

6. Light weight, more convenient installation, especially suitable for installation in the form of aluminum alloy keel clean room.

7. The integrated high-efficiency air supply opening is particularly suitable for a clean room which is limited by the height of civil engineering or has to adopt a compact design, thereby greatly saving space.


Integrated high efficiency is divided into detachable and non-detachable, can contain insulation cotton and does not contain, different prices. Can be customized according to customer requirements, can open round hole and square, conventional circular diameter of 250 mm. 300 mm.

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