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Clean Room Transfer Window

Clean Room Transfer Window

Medical and pharmacy Clean Room pass-through windows, also known as pass-through rooms and boxes, allow for the safe and efficient transfer of equipment, parts and specimens from clean rooms to standard rooms. Pharmaceuticals significantly reduce contamination by limiting the number of people entering the cleanroom. Medical and pharmaceutical pass-throughs are a critical component of cleanroom operations and are extremely important to maintaining the overall cleanroom environment.

Pharmacy Clean Room Pass Through Windows

ZhongJian South Environment is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of cleanroom pass-through chambers and transfer chambers for healthcare and cleanroom environments. ZhongJian South Environment's offers medical-grade, all-stainless steel construction to accommodate cleanrooms, hospitals, operating rooms, surgical suites operating room or sterile environment in any ISO class, FDA, CGMP, USP or EU.

We have created a wide variety of systems for virtually every type of healthcare application, including Pharmacy Pass Through Windows, walk-through windows for sterile environments, ligature-proof windows for behavioral hospitals, reception windows, and walk-through windows for physicians' offices. Whatever they are used for, everything we offer is designed to enable professionals to care for people quickly, safely and efficiently.

Our doctor's office sliding windows and other transaction systems come in a variety of custom sizes, options and features to ensure you get the right solution for your project. For example, they can include intercom systems for added levels of protection and insulated glass for providing a barrier to sound or heat transfer for energy efficiency. Our windows are glazed, fully assembled and ready to install. Contact us today to learn more about our products.


Why Choose Pharmacy Pass Through Window?

Medical and Pharmacy Pass Through Windows and other cleanroom equipment help prevent contamination and enable manufacturers to comply with industry quality standards. Not only does this protect manufacturing operations from contamination, it also helps improve operational efficiency. In addition to your cleanroom equipment requirements, other considerations when choosing the right pharmaceutical pass-through chamber for your application include:

How the pass-through chamber will be installed into the cleanroom

The size of the wall space and any obstructions that will interfere with door swing

The type of material that will be transferred through the chamber

How the material will be conveyed (manual, conveyor, etc.)

How personnel will use the pass-thru

Any special requirements, including HEPA filters, fire doors, or pneumatic sliding doors

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