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Clean Room Transfer Window

Purified Air Shower Pass Box Transfer Window

The air shower pass box transfer window is designed according to the form of the air shower, the fan quickly blows out the air, and the air is changed into clean air through the high-efficiency filter, and the airflow speed of the clean air is up to more than 20M/S after being sprayed and injected by the stainless steel, so that dust particles attached on the surface of an object can be effectively and rapidly removed; and the double filtering effect through the primary filter after the air is circulated is more significant, and the usability is strong.

Scope of Application

Food, electronics, cosmetics, light industry, pharmaceutical, etc.

The Purified Air Shower Pass Box Transfer Window is mainly used in the transit of goods between clean and non-clean areas to prevent outside dust particles from entering the clean area due to air circulation.

Possible contamination of the clean room can be minimized, thus maintaining the cleanliness of the clean room.

Air Shower Pass Box

The air shower pass box is clean equipment for clean room, mainly used to transfer small objects between clean area and clean area, non-clean area and clean area. In order to reduce the number of times the clean room is opened and to reduce the pollution in the clean area.

Pass-through box with air shower room The air shower room pass-through box is a high efficiency filter and fan built into a common pass-through box.

It is suitable for transferring goods from a clean area to a non-clean area or from a low clean area to a high clean area. It is equipped with a blower, nozzle, HEPA filter and PRE filter to make clean airflow to remove dust from the goods and make the clean room clean. It automatically blows air when the goods are put into the transfer box.

Cleaning Principle

The blower forces air through a ULPA filter that is > 99.999% efficient at filtering particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The filtered air is sprayed through the nozzle into the chamber at high velocity. These turbulent air streams disperse the particulate matter over all surfaces.

The dispersed particulate matter migrates with the airflow to the lower area of the air shower chamber.

The air is continuously filtered and recirculated.

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